Welcome to The Healer's Gathering!

Healer to Healer and Heart to Heart

sunset in heart hands Welcome Healers, Energy Workers, Intuitives, Coaches, Health and Wellness Practitioners, Spiritual Guides, and Agents of Change!

  The Healer's Path is like no other. It can be deep, rich and satisfying. A place where we serve, inspire, facilitate and guide individuals in need. It is a path where deep transformation can occur for both client and Healer. It is a place where we hear our calling and where we feel passionately connected to our true purpose in this life. The Healer's Path can also be challenging. There are many ups and downs on this journey. In the 30+ years that we have been practicing and teaching healing work, we have had many conversations with Healers about their love and passion for their work. They have also shared the many common challenges they face, such as:
  • Burnout, Injury and illness
  • Feeling isolated, lost or confused
  • Feeling confused as their channels of perception and energy open
  • Reluctance to fully step into their shoes as a Healer
  • Feeling competitive with their fellow Healers
  • Intimidated by the business side of their work
  • Not resonating with the traditional methods of marketing
  • Time management
  • Relationship with money
  • just to name a few....

Does this sound like you?


The Healer's Gathering was created to meet the challenges of the Healer. We have been walking this path for a very long time and we know the ups and downs of this journey. We have experienced many if not all of the challenges listed above. What we have discovered is that with support, community and shared wisdom, the Healer's Path can be more clear and rewarding.

Who is The Healer's Gathering?

  • Have you heard the saying "Healer, Heal thyself."? We are here to encourage and support you on your path to wholeness as a Healer, as a Spiritual Being having a human experience, and as your expression as your Unique YOU!
  • We are a growing community of Healers who wish to mutually support each other on the Healer's Path.
  • This is a place where you can feel seen, heard and understood.
  • We are here to remind and inspire ourselves to live in integrity and to live our highest potential as Healers.
  • We are here to encourage and support you to FULLY step into your shoes as a Healer.
  • We are a resource of information, tools, practices and inspiration to help you deepen your connection to your Self, your calling, your gifts and talents and your vision so that you can bring your work out into the world in an authentic,  healthy and rewarding way.
  • Through a variety of formats (live gatherings, writings, conference calls, webinars, etc), we provide mentorship and coaching, tools, practices, and processes to help YOU face the common challenges of being a Healer.
  • If you live in or visit Central Oregon... we are a MeetUp that meets in Bend, Oregon.
meetup The Healer's Gathering is growing, evolving, deepening, expanding, healing, changing and following as Spirit directs us. We appreciate your patience as we live the words of Adyashanti and emerge into our highest potential.... and we have no idea what that will look like. Adya_sunflowerschinese_symbols_for_equanimity_9004_2_26