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Build Your Loyal Following

How to Grow and Maintain

A Heart Centered Healing Practice


You have the training....                  You have the skill...                               You LOVE your work....                                             So, where are your clients?


Learn the practical nuts and bolts of creating a loyal following.

Receive the support you need to implement proven strategies to help you grow a deep and rich client practice.

A coaching/mentorship program for
Healers and Wellness Practitioners.
At YOUR  pace so you can implement your new tools and processes and watch them take root and grow.

This is a self-paced class. Start Now!

Only $347 

In this program you will:
  • Learn important foundational policies, practices and tools that you need to have in place to create a successful and reliable heart centered practice.
  • Create and practice your clear and authentic message about your unique gifts, services, and offerings.
  • Increase your confidence in your abilities to market yourself naturally.
  • Implement proven strategies to attract, nurture and retain client relationships.
  • Learn creative ways to network, get referrals and build your professional alliances.
  • AND you will receive the support and accountability you need to achieve your goals and vision.
Format: 6 monthly webinars and 6 hours of coaching (one-on-one and small group)  

Only $347 

14 CE Hours for LMTs!

  Your Guide: ReR_head_shot_WEBgina Callahan, BS, LMT, CLC Visionary, Healer, Instructor, Mentor, Director of The Healer's Gathering and the Heart of the Healer Coaching/Mentorship Program   Regina has served in the role of healer, instructor, and mentor for over 30 years. She is the Director of The Healer's Gathering, and Heart of the Healer Coaching Services, Co-Creator of the Healer to Healer Mentorship Program, and an Instructor of Visionary Craniosacral Work® for the Milne Institute. Regina is also a Certified Life Coach and Certified Business and Career Coach. She blends a grounded, practical approach with intuitive guidance. She guides her students to recognize their unique gifts and talents and supports them to own their inherent wisdom.  
Diane Marr, Healer "My time with Regina was both powerful and rewarding. Gently guiding me toward a place of reawakened awareness, she has given me a new clarity of direction that will keep me grounded as I move through this time of transition. By breaking it down into manageable steps, she gave me the courage to express myself from a place of imperfection. Regina has shown me that I don’t have to be right or have all the answers before considering a new idea. I am now willing to be open and allow without fear. She encouraged me to dig deep to discover the values in my life that bring me the most joy and to stay true to my highest inner visions. She helped me find the courage to go bigger than I could ever imagine. I am excited to witness all that will unfold for me with this new perspective because I know it will facilitate growth and acceptance of who I really am."
Jenny DeDecker Full Moon Rising Wellness Center, Norway, MI "When I was first presented with the possibility of a coaching session with Regina Callahan, I knew that it would be powerful, I just wasn't sure at what capacity.  I recently opened my own business and felt as though things were going well, but also knew I had a lot of pieces that could use some attention.  Regina listened as I described my business plan, hopes for the near future, as well as dreams for the lifetime of my business.  She helped me to focus on the here and now, looking at the business from outside of it, rather than caught up in the middle.  We were able to differentiate between what was an immediate possibility and what was something that needed time to unfold.

I was shocked at how much I was able to accomplish when the overwhelming veil was lifted.  Organizing and streamlining seemed so big to me, that I had no idea where to start.  Regina's ability to see my process and be able to break it down was very comforting, encouraging, and insightful.  Her intuitive questioning helped me to realize what was most pressing, most important, and most helpful without leaving out the pieces that were most fulfilling to me as a practitioner and business owner.  I am very thankful for having the opportunity to work with Regina to feel confident in starting a new year."

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