Letting Go

As I open the blinds, dust off the curtains and welcome the warmth of summer into my home, I also welcome her into my body and spirit.  Springtime has pushed through with its raw power to initiate new life coming out of the quiet of winter.  Now it is time to enjoy the flood of energy that will carry me through this next season. When I think about the shift between spring and summer I move into a place of letting go. The spring gave us the opportunity to clean house and now we get to decide if we are going to live surrounded by the boxes of rubbish, or if we are going to let go of the baggage and leave it at the curb.  The decision is the easy part.  The challenge comes with the follow through.  Even though we know it is baggage that does not serve us, we often choose to hold on tight afraid of what might happen if we truly let go. A dear friend recently said to me that as humans, if it’s between the terrible known and the unknown, we will always choose the terrible known.  Good to know you aren’t alone?  However, we, as healers, have chosen a path that leaves little room for baggage. No matter what modality we practice, we are all taught to set our issues aside when we are working with our clients.  We know how to move into a mindful space with those that come to us, seeking assistance on their path, but we often struggle moving into that same space for ourselves.  As we enter into the social season of summer, the playfulness can be hindered by staying in the past, reliving habitual behaviors, holding on tight to people and experiences that are causing us to diverge. IMG_4665When we allow ourselves to let go and be present, we are able to see the newness of each and every moment.  This translates into a creative process that lets us manage new possibilities, personally, professionally, intimately…  We are able to see where we are stuck and renegotiate how we are going to move forward. Once we know where we are and what we want, we can see more clearly the decisions that need to be made to stay on track.  This might mean pulling from the fire of summer, reigniting a passion.  This might also mean taking time in the shade, noticing the possibility of burn out. When we move through life mindfully and honestly, we can trust that the path with stay under our feet. Letting go is not a one time decision.  It is a way of being.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jenny DeDecker

Jenny DeDecker, LMT, CLC, is the owner of the wellness studio, Full Moon Rising, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where she offers bodywork, yoga and meditation instruction and maternal health services.  She resides in the  U.P., up the hill from a creek, with her husband, and two small children.