Matching Investment

Healers generously give to people. It is a beautiful gift, but some recipients do not invest in their own healing. Consequently, your offering to them has a limited effect. If on the other hand, you heal people that are willing to invest in your offering, it completes the circle and makes a huge difference in their lives. So offer them some healing and watch what they do with it. If they work with it, integrate it, and make adjustments to their life- continue investing in them. If however, they use what you give them as long as they do not have to invest anything, it is a sign they want you to do it for them. They are likely looking to be fed. Better to offer your precious gift and vital resources to someone that will do something with it. I do not quote Jesus often, but I love, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your disease.” (Revised Standard Version). It was her faith that made her well. Jesus was a vehicle for people to heal themselves. I submit that he did not go around randomly healing lepers, but rather chose to heal people who were willing to invest in themselves. So ultimately you have to decide what type of healer Matching investmentyou want to be. Do you want to be a vehicle for people to heal themselves or do you want to do it for them? Do you want to heal and teach people to solve the origination of the disease or do you want to simply heal their current symptoms. Deciding the type of healer you are determines the type of clients you heal. People are either willing to invest in themselves at the level you are healing them or they are not. Remember, givers and takers often have karmic relationships with each other. Healers often identify as the giver that heals the other person. Takers see themselves as passively receiving the healing and other people doing it for them. So be selective of the people you heal. I personally choose to teach people as long as they are willing to invest in themselves. Who do you choose to heal? Michael Hoffman Michael Hoffman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, author, and trained spiritual teacher who offers workshops, counseling, and personalized coaching to help you awaken and unfold your natural way of being and the life you would have for yourself. You can learn more about his work at