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The Healer’s Credo – Principle #1

Dear Healers, I am excited to announce the launching of the new Healer's Gathering blog! This will be a collaborative effort - the main contributors being Jenny DeDecker of Full Moon Rising, Barbara Smith of Undefended Heart, Michael Hoffman of Natural Way of Being and myself, Regina Callahan of the Healer's Gathering with the occasional guest blogger. In keeping with our vision we want to provide you with insights, tools, practices, and new perspectives with the intention to help you navigate the Healer's Journey with more clarity, ease, and a sense of wholeness and purpose. We hope that you enjoy it and we invite your comments. Infinite Love and Gratitude! Regina This first blog will introduce Principle #1 of the Healer's Credo.

Please print out The Healer's Credo - A Guide to the Healer's Journey.

Let it illuminate and Awaken your Healing Wisdom!

The Healers Credo

R_head_shot_WEBRegina Callahan, Director of The Healer's Gathering has been practicing and teaching healing work for more than 30 years. She currently teaches Visionary Craniosacral Work® for the Milne Institute. In her spare time, Regina can be found reveling in her amazing backyard of Central Oregon and beyond. www.reginacallahan.com